Coriander Seed

Coriander is an herbal plant with the scientific name of Coriandrum sativum .

This plant is native to Southwest Asia and North of Africa . The height of the plant reaches to up to half a meter. Pakistan, which is about 65 percent of the country’s most productive in Punjab.

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Leaves and stems

In Iran, use from the Coriander as edible vegetables and peoples eat the leaves and stems of it.


In India use this plant seed as one of the important spices. Coriander seed is a strong spicy fragrance and Iranian use from it in Iranian cooking. It is also used in traditional medicine. In Iran use from Coriander for blood purification, and cooking  home sweets.


Coriander roots used in cooking , particularly in Thai cooking.

Medicinal applications

This herb is used to reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. This plant has diuretic effects in humans, that is made  lowers blood pressure, disposal of kidney stones and bladder, disposal of water accumulation in the tissues .

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