Corn Silage 

Fresh corn silage is the most popular animal feed used for cattle, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, and other animals. Its easy digestion and high protein content make it a popular feed for most animal farms.

Agrimax Seed & Science  is one of the leading corn silage producers of Pakistan.  We offer the best quality Corn silage price in Pakistan for cattle and dairy farmers. Pakistani cattle and dairy farmers can now purchase our fresh, cost-effective, reliable, and trustworthy quality silage bales wrapped in plastic film. Suitable to store for full-year and now dairy farmers do not need to bring their cattle to feed daily.

Agrimax Seed & Science sows and grows high-quality silage corn seed in its own farms to increase its protein content and suitability for dairy animals. We perfectly prepare the soil of our farms for the cultivation of the crops. Normally, the approximate silage crop cultivation is between 22,500 to 38,500 plants per acre. Our corn silage for sale in Pakistan and plant population for one acre is likely to cross 35,500 plants which means our yield is greater with the best protein content. We also offer the best possible corn silage price per ton in Pakistan to support our beloved dairy farmers.

Corn Silage is the best feed for cattle and dairy animals and ready after 75 to 95 days of the plantation. We use the best harvesting techniques and the harvesting time is judged by our agricultural exports. Corn silage crop is normally harvested by the maize milk line circle. It is considered to be ready when the process is in the center of maize grains. At this particular time, which arises between the 75 to 95 days of sowing the plants. Because, Corn silage is in its best shape, full of proteins and nutrients, and ready for cattle and dairy animal feeds because we are offering flexible sizes of silage bags for sale in Pakistan.

Packing and Bale Making 

Agrimax Seed & Science gives special consideration to every detail of packaging and storing corn silage. We pack our corn silage feed in 60 to 80 KG round bails and wrap it with the silage film. Then we store it in our covered and controlled warehouse before shipping.

Agrimax Seed & Science silage can be stored for up to 30 months. Because of the adaptation of the best methods and techniques, our corn silage price of relevant bale sizes is the cheapest because we have the best silage machine in Pakistan. Thus we are proud to be the number one silage business in Pakistan and offering the best quality at the lowest possible silage price in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Jhang, Kasur, Okara, Multan, Malakand, Sakhar, Deer, Attock, and all cities and areas of Pakistan.


Agrimax Seed & Science Offers High-Quality Silage for Dairy Animal Feeding.

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