Cuf 101 Alfalfa is adapted to low desert irrigated production areas. This variety is very non dormant (group 9). It is highly resistant to Fusarium wilt, pea aphid, spotted alfalfa aphid, blue aphid, and root knot nematode. It is moderate resistant to Phytophthora root rot and to both Southern and Northern Root Knot Nematode.

Origin: USA

Recommended Use:
Hay, pasture, green chop, dehydration

Climatic Zones:
All low desert southern regions

Seeding Rates:
25 lbs per acre It can be drilled or broadcast

Available in 1 kg bag



Alfalfa CUF 101


CUF 101 Delivers Superior Performance
A unique combination of exceptional yield potential, very broad adaptation, and superior feed
value make CUF 101 the variety of choice for cash hay and dairy producers looking for an FD9
alfalfa that maximizes profit potential in their operations while utilizing the breakthrough benefits
of the CUF 101 weed control system in alfalfa.
CUF 101 Advantages


• Winter-active, very nondormant FD=9.2
• Very high yield potential under 8- to 11-cut harvest managements
• CUF 101 demonstrates strong potential to deliver higher feed intake, improved milk production, and greater profitability when fed
• Highly resistant (HR) to all major aphid pests
• Highly resistant/resistant to all major nematode pests
• Very strong disease resistance package (including HR to Phytophthora Root Rot and Fusarium Wilt); promotes fast seedling establishment and long stand life
• Ideal FD=9 varieties for the cash hay producer: CUF 101 consistently produces big yields of leafy, fine-stemmed hay with high %TDN
• Salt-tolerant at seed germination, similar to the salt tolerant checks
• Outstanding persistence and long stand life on your toughest fields
Planting CUF 101 alfalfa and utilizing the Genuity® Roundup Ready® weed control system provides many benefits over conventional herbicide programs:
• Unmatched weed control at both stand establishment and in established stands can mean fewer weeds and higher quality hay and haylage, which can result in more milk per ton fed and higher %TDN when tested


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