Wheat straw Hay is an agriculture by-product which is being used as animal fodder. it is also known as lowes straw bales. After the seed and grain are separated from a straw for human consumption, the left behind hay straws undergo from a procedure to preserve these straws as forage and use for mushroom tissue culture.
In most countries of Asia and other countries, this straw is used for animals. Indeed, it is often the staple as feed. Even in some parts of Europe, it is traditionally fed to farm animals. Such hay and straws form an essential item of the Farm animals’ feeds.










Agri Max Seed is one of the biggest wheat straw exporters Pakistan, we offer the best quality Wheat straw hay for export. The protein content of our bales of straw ranges from 6 to 8%. Our fibre content varies from 25 to 65%. We have analyzed our wheat waste or hay straw at a feed testing laboratory, then checked by ration balancing to meet the farm animals’ needs for each stage.

In general, Wheat straw and hay have better feed quality than any other straws. In turn, we have better quality than any other straw in the market. Agri Max Seed also deals in Year-old straw, which is often found to be more palatable than fresh Wheat straw.  We offer wheat straw wholesale trade all over the globe. Agri Max Seed is one of the leading Wheat waste suppliers in Pakistan and It has higher levels of protein and energy than any other bale of straws. Our straws are very palatable and have been used successfully by cattle producers over the years.


Wheat Straw is used into the feeding program during the pregnant cows in their’ second-trimester it is very useful. In this stage, their requirements for protein and energy are way lower than late in pregnancy and during early lactation. Importers usually get bulk straws because bundle or bale of wheat straw can be used for a long period of time.

Their stage of maturity determines all the nutrients in the roughage of straw at the time of harvest. Generally, the earlier you harvest, the higher the energy and protein content will be in it. Digestibility and palatability will also be higher if you cut the crop earlier. You require two bails of hay to feed a cow for two weeks.

Our wheat Straw waste is a farm animal feed that can be used effectively in any farm animal wintering program. On the other hand, additional energy and protein need to be fed to avoid weakness. It ensures that animal eating requirements are met. So, buy hay bales by Agri Max Seed to meet nutrients properties of your farm animals.

Agri Max Seed’s Wheat straw waste can include up to 75% of a cow’s diet if supplemented correctly. This Straw is digested at a slower rate than other hay. This way, a cow can consume less straw. The general ratio to consume is a maximum of 1.25% of her body weight than hay daily.

Agri Max Seed PVT LTD Grinding or processing of Wheat straw will increase the daily intake of a cow. Although it still needs additional protein and energy Another fact, we consider in the processing of Wheat hay and straw is that the farm animals intake decreases in the range of 12% when they are in the late stages of gestation.


A farm animal capacity to take in the bulky feed is reduced due to the space that calves her in her abdominal cavity. A cost-effective feeding program can be designed when rations are utilizing a Bale of straw as a significant portion of roughage source.

One bundle of wheat straw can be used to feed multiple farm animals. Agri Max Seed provide affordable wheat bhusa price in the market. Such things can use cereal grains, screening the pellets, or other product feeds to produce a highly cost-effective alternative to use a good quality straw.

Here at Agri Max Seed, we look upon all these factors. The only thing that we have in mind is to produce the best quality cheap wheat straw for animals. So, you are browsing hay suppliers near me to buy bulk Wheat straws you can contact us.


We export A+ quality of Wheat straw with controlled moisture.


We provide the services with customized packing as per customer’s requirement in a bale of straw.



Product Details:

Name Values
Type Straw
Variety Wheat
Place of Origin Pakistan
Color Bright Golden Yellow
Moisture (%) 5.0 – 6.0 % Max
Crude Protein (%) 2.0 – 3.0 %
Admixture (%) 0.0 % (None)
Total Aflatoxin(ppb) 10.0 %
Total Endophyte (ppb) 0.0 % (Endophyte free)
Model Name/number Straw #001


Packaging details

Name Details
Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ) 20 tons
Payment Options LC/TT
Packaging Style 16 – 30 Kg / bale or as per customer requirement
Container Loading Weight 16 – 22 M Ton / Container
Container HQ (ft) 40 feet
Number of Bales per container As per the Bale size/weight

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