Alfalfa Lucernce


Qty: 1 Kg Pack

Origin: Australia

Lucerne (Alfalfa) Medicago sativa

Attractive cool weather legume. Excellent for stock grazing in mixed pasture and use as a high quality bailed hay.

Does best in deep well drained soil as plants themselves are deep rooted and as such plants are excellent for producing organic matter into the soil. As a legume it is used to add nitrogen to the soil in its root nodules. Deep roots can access sub-soil moisture and respond quickly after rain.

When you buy lucerne seeds from Angro Seeds you will also be given the inoculant needed to add to the seed when it is sown. Young plants can be damaged by grazing so it is best to wait until plants commence flowering and use light grazing rotation to ensure plants are not eaten below 50mm.

Soil pH is best around neutral but will produce well above 5pH through to 8pH.

Rainfall needed is 375mm to 500mm

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